Sunday, 10 January 2010

Back in the Kitchen

It's official I'm back in the Kitchen. I took an unscheduled 'holiday' from my blog during December due to all the baking I undertook for Brighton's Artists Open Houses and other festive events taking over. But now I'm back and I'm also back as of Friday with my recipe posts for

Well it certainly is January out of my kitchen window - snow, ice, slush, and colourless grey skies. The warm festivities of Christmas feels like an age ago now and Spring is very much still out of reach. So, we must try to lift the positive things out of the month - take a hot bath in the evening, light some pretty candles, wrap yourself up in your warmest blanket when lounging on your sofa and of course warm your soul with some comfort food!
With the recent excess of Christmas, I like to turn my cooking to simple, warming 'good-for-you' foods. Not a limp 'diet' salad, but robust stews, soups and pies featuring seasonal veg, spices, and hearty herbs ... hot food!
Breakfast, for me, is the reason to get up on a cold morning and in January I will start my day with a bowl of porridge. I love porridge and could in fact eat it at anytime of the day .... I been known to have a bowl in the evening when the days events have overrun and it becomes to late to cook a 'proper' dinner.

I love to have porridge with apricots, honey and creme fraiche. You simply poach a handful of dried apricots (the dark organic ones are far superior to the bright orange ones!) in 250ml of pure orange juice for 5 mins. Then make your porridge as usual and top with the apricots, honey and a good dollop of creme fraiche. Give it a try .....