Thursday, 10 September 2009

Inspiration No.1 from a box of seasonal vegetables

This week I (re)started the purchasing of a weekly organic vegetable box . I stopped a while back as the allotment was providing us with a plentiful enough harvest, but with a new born baby and our 'silly-season' at work (My husband David and I run a PR company that specialises in contemporary furniture, lighting and homewares - the allotment has been temporarily abandoned, hence the arrival of the weekly veg box until we get the allotment going again next month. We get our box from Russell's Sussex Farm Food Store & Deli (, who in turn receives the boxes from a farm in Plumpton, 10 miles away. This week we received a true box of delights - including spaghetti squash, carrots, cucumbers, leeks, courgettes, sweetcorn, runner beans, cherry tomatoes and chard. This afternoon I used the bigger of my two yellow courgettes to make this tasty Courgette and Walnut Loaf Cake. Perfect as it is or toasted with butter.


  1. Wow! Butcher was closed today so went to the grocers to see if I could make a whole meal out of vegetables. Didn't have a clue! This looks great!

  2. It's really tasty - a bit like banana bread. I've got David's sister over for lunch tomorrow, so will serve this as pudding with some black and redcurrents and creme fraiche. I can do amazing things with veg - I haven't eaten meat for 19 years (I'm back on fish thou since moving to the coast), so nearly all my meals are veg based. x