Monday, 22 February 2010

My Big Cake Weekend.

Apologies to any one who may have looked upon this blog recently and thought I may had given it up. You can be forgiven for thinking so. The fact is I've just been too busy to post as frequently as I would like. With two hungry children (and a husband) to cook for food is often prepared in a hurry and eaten before it could be photographed and I do have a terrible time photographing in winter light in my kitchen.

Anyhow, I am back with a bang, or a christening cake to be precise. I was delighted to receive an order on recommendation for a cake for such a special occasion. I was lucky enough to be granted creative to freedom on the design of the cake, so long as it was pretty and girly in some way. So after a bit of email correspondence with my customer to find out likes and dislikes, I created the above 3 cakes, which fed 60 hungry guest and still had a few slices left over for my customers lunch box this week. Each cake has four layers of two different sponges. The darker sponge is plain chocolate and coffee and the light sponge is white chocolate and vanilla. The layers are sandwiched together and topped with a white chocolate cream frosting. Then I've done my thing with flowers, herbs and fruits. I became quite nervous as I delivered and set up the cakes at the venue yesterday morning (saturday night my sleep was full of cake anxiety dreams), worried how the cake would go down in looks as well as taste. My nerves were calmmed with a phone call later that afternoon from the customer who said that she was absolutely thrilled with the cake and that everyone admired it and enjoyed every mouthful ...