Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Listen, do you want to know a secret ....

If I could be anywhere this coming weekend it would be in Bath. Why you ask? Because the Secret Service Supper Club, will be there with their 'pop up' restaurant.

Yes, for this weekend only (May 8th/9th) the SSSC are taking residence in Bath for a Decadent High Tea and Lazy Spring Brunch. They'll be installed in a spectacular, historic building in central Bath, but exactly where, and what is going on in it, is their little secret. Those that book will find out 24 hours before (via email), the final secret will unveil when you arrive.

At high tea you will nibble on canapes and drink champagne cocktails. Your mouth will water as you cast your eyes along the banqueting table crammed full of dainty sandwiches and delightful tartlets. Your eyes will pop at sight of cake stands bursting with freshly baked scones and cream filled cakes.

At brunch you will drink champagne cocktails, no boring bucks fizz here, eat bagels stuffed with smoked salmon and capers, ciabatta topped with Parma ham and fig compote, home made maple and pecan granola, platters of local cheeses including an organic, unpasteurised double gloucester from the Wye Valley and plenty more.

All this will be served up on gorgeous vintage china from the lovely people at Lahloo tea will be providing an exciting range of teas, including a Pink Rose Bud tea which the SSSC anticipate going very well with the lavender scones. Lahloo's tea's ( are all loose leaf, fair trade, organic and from small producers.

Spring Brunch tickets for May 8th/9th @ 1030am, can be booked at:
Decadent High Tea Tickets for May 8th/9th @ 3.30pm can be booked at:

The SSSC are well known in Bristol for popping up in secret locations to give diners a unique, sociable and, most of all, delicious experience. As with all SSSC events, the focus is on locally sourced, seasonal and scrumptious food and creating a sociable, fun and unusual events, unlike anywhere else.

And remember.....Shhh! Dont tell anyone as its a secret!

Louise x


  1. Louise,

    So happy to have found you..! Oh my goodness your
    cakes are so very beautiful. I bake too as I host regular Secret suppers and Vintage afternoon tea
    BUT they certainly don't make your grade !

    Note to self...try harder !

    If your ever interested do come along to either. I can accommodate up to 10 guests at a shared table,usually unknown to each other. You've been to Bristol you know the idea.

    For more information/booking you can contact me via email or you can read
    my recent review Latest 7 Andrew Kay Food&Drink page 27. 'The Devils Cellar'

    I look forward to welcoming you,

    Love Poppy..